About The Cloud Show

The Cloud Show is an all volunteer produced TV series by professionals in the field of Broadcast TV, Film, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Cloud Services/Software design. The way we create the program is quite similar to the way Open Source software is created -- except for we don't write software code but instead create educational TV/Internet programming.

In less than six months our TV show was broadcast on over 40 community/public access channels reaching over 1 million households. All of our programming is licensed under a non-commercial creative commons license and all episodes are available for free via YouTube.

Our goal is to provide an unbiased, and considering we produce content about the internet cloud, non-technical educational programming about how "The Cloud" impacts our daily lives and how we can leverage cloud tools for personal and professional growth.

In the first season we cover everything from how to organize your personal and business finances, group email and tools for collaboration, organizing projects, and more.

Because we are always shooting new material we have also launched a spin-off series about interesting Cloud Services & Applications.

There are so many great cloud services coming online everyday (many of which are free or incredibly inexpensive) but the challenge is finding them and putting them into a greater context of people's everyday needs.

We also experts, entpreneurs,companies, non-profits, and people in government about The Cloud and topics that wouldn't be possible without the cloud such as crowd sourcing or crowd funding.

The Cloud Show is produced at Arlington Independent Media (AIM) which is located in Arlington, Virginia (USA).

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