Cloud Economics: Don't call us and we won't call you



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Don't quite what you mean.

The point is that many cloud companies can get feedback through surveys or short questions in the application (always helpful to leave a general comments field). Support can also in most cases be provided through support forums.

So it's not about providing support. Every company needs to provide support.

It's just the phone call is deemed expensive by many companies because some folks can't articulate well what their problems are or want to talk about things that bear no relevance. And the information that is relevant can be recorded through the means described above.

Mark Pratt more than 6 years ago

Don't create, take money and then say eff yew

I agree that there are economical reasons why a company may see phone support as cost effective but your blog hasn't given me a satisfactory answer.

If the individual client calling is Richard Branson asking for some help then your ethos isn't to catch his call.

Neither if its your best friend?

Don't you believe that opportunity and brand building and reputation isn't important?

There is quite a VERY famous music production company who, through lack of getting the right user experience set up training correct churned so many customers in such a short period of time that client life time value was a joke.

People churned and found other companies all because their customer support never answered support calls [or replied to emails].

Oh and making bad apps that don't work can be clawed back by the credit card company [if the consumer is clued up]. So that's a 10 EUR loss per unit.

Does this make commercial sense?

If you can't support a product then don't make it. Get into bed with a development company that does and once your business plan relies on recommendation {as I think App Store / Play carries reviews right} then perhaps your article makes sense. I would say that phone call vs. email support is probably quicker to resolve in the same country. That's just me....

Kaiser Soze more than 6 years ago