Shooting Interviews in San Francisco/Bay area mid September

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Guest to interview in San Francisco

Here is a guest suggestion for when you are in San Francisco.
Farnaz Erfan, product marketing & strategy, business analytics, direct & OEM markets at Pentaho Corporation

Big data has arrived in the Cloud. However, most organization are dealing with both data in the cloud, such as Web data, as well as corporate data on premise. In order to make sense of their data, they need an easy and affordable way to analyze both.

Farnaz Erfan will discuss why business analytics needs a hybrid approach to cloud deployment.

• Data is distributed – some may already in the Cloud (e.g. web data); some on premise (corporate data). For real time analytics, organizations need to deploy analytics closest to the source. They also should avoid the expense of moving date before analyzing it.
• Data security levels are different – Companies may not be able to put all their analytics outside of the firewall.
• Cloud phenomenon – Cloud hosting service providers may be proliferating now, but ultimately they will consolidate into a few main providers. In anticipation, organizations need to select a BI solution that is provider agnostic and has the flexibility to be hosted either on premise or on other Cloud platforms if needed.
• Balance of power has shifted – Today the customer owns the decision (on-premise / cloud deployment). Because customer maturity models vary, Cloud vendors have to cater to customer demand.

How about talking to Farnaz for your Cloud Services & Applications series about the challenges of bringing BI to the Cloud? She also can discuss Pentaho customers who have successfully launched hybrid approaches to data analysis.

Sarah Conway more than 6 years ago