Also spelled "crowd sourcing" is a new form of collaboration to make things happen. Crowdsourcing is not necessarily of a commercial nature. For example volunteers can collaborate in a crowd sourcing model.

The term encompasses several different models including contests, automated work handed of by software, or platforms that allow workers/talent to be able to work together without necessarily knowing anything about each other.

Crowdsourcing is not about exploiting workers, off-shoring, or any other negative connotation given to it. Especially because if used in a commercial setting a company may be willing to pay a very high price as long as tangible work is produced.

This is a complex topic and we will do our best to do it justice.

The Cloud Show team has shot several interviews. We have released several Cloud Services & Applications (CS&A) Series episodes which you will find below and our team is also working on a special episode about Crowdsourcing in general.

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Use VoiceBunny to have a voice actor/actress speak any text in minutes and for just a few dollars. This cloud/crowdsourcing service efficiently helps supply meet demand and expands the use professional voice actors in ways not previously imagined. Read more

CS&A Series 1 Comments

Did you know that in addition to operating the number one e-commerce site Amazon runs the largest marketplace for work online? It leverages crowdsourcing; where tasks are distributed in seconds to to a workforce of of over a half a million people. Read more

CS&A Series

July will see our team with a full schedule of planned shoots for various episodes including topics such as Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding. Which is why we can't miss the Crowdopolis conference in LA on July 19th. Read more

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