Jules Allen

Jules Allen

The Cloud Show

With a couple decades of software development experience under his belt, Jules has built a menagerie of desktop, web, and mobile products. He's been a Chief Technology Officer; Chief Information Officer; Director of Internet Strategies; Director of Product Delivery, Security and System Integrity; and Vice President of Persuasive Technologies.

He’s has built systems for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Heart Association, Sage Software, Penske, IRS, and various Hollywood studios. He lead a small team that rewrote the FDIC’s deposit insurance calculator just in time to watch its usage go nuts during the start of the US’s financial crisis.

Outside of being a nerd’s nerd, he’s formerly a technology correspondent for the St. Petersburg Times, a cartoonist, art director, typographer. On The Cloud Show we value him because he's able to converse with regular humans without delving into technobabble and is a real cloud expert.

You can follow him on Twitter at or visit

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