Mark Anthony Pratt


Mark is a serial entrepreneur, writer, producer, conference speaker, cloud expert, videographer and photographer. He founded, created and serves as the Executive Producer of The Cloud Show which he runs like an Open Source project.

In his day job he is a founding member of Vanguardistas the company that runs the Metro Publisher cloud service used by publishers and audience builders world-wide.

Because of his background in designing and building cloud based services he is able to explain how we can leverage the cloud technology to improve both our personal and professional lives.

He lives commutes between the Washington, DC area, Berlin and Barcelona.

His Video & Photography website can be found here.

Ice Lights in a Carry-on Suitcase

Mark Anthony Pratt Photography

I consider myself an Ultra Portability Shooter. The rules are simple: buy gear that takes the least amount of space and weight. Read on to see how this philosophy influenced my buying decisions. Read more


DC Week 2012 620 Width

Logo: DC Week Website

Our team will be out listening to presentations, researching and doing the occasional interview at Digital Capital Week (DC Week) here in Washington, DC. Read more

Cloud Show Blogs

We speak with Danae Ringelmann, Founder and COO, of Indiegogo, a Crowdfunding site used to fund just about anything imaginable. Read more

CS&A Series

Domains are a great way to establish your brand online. Regardless if the brand is you as an expert, your business, your garage band or a non-profit. We explain how to register a domain and important concepts like IP addresses, A and C names. Read more

July will see our team with a full schedule of planned shoots for various episodes including topics such as Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding. Which is why we can't miss the Crowdopolis conference in LA on July 19th. Read more

Cloud Show Blogs

Why most cloud services don't provide a phone number to talk to someone. Read more


So what is it with Cloud services? Are they reliable? Are they secure? "The Cloud Guy" looks at the recent Amazon cloud service outage as an example. Read more

Bundestag Berlin

Still by Alex Wenchel

As part of our work shooting for future episodes of The Cloud Show we shot several Berlin, Germany based startups. In fact we have been shooting so much material lately that we created a spin-off series. Read more

Cloud Show Blogs

In the second episode of our spin-off series on Cloud Services & Applications The Cloud Show presents "Gidsy" a Berlin, Germany based start-up that provides a cloud based "marketplace for authentic experiences". Read more

CS&A Series

Mail Room Still Image

Art by DJ Kirkner

By the time Episode 2 is released hundreds of hours of animation time will have been spent. Read more

Cloud Show Blogs

We shoot way more material than can make it into The Cloud Show. Which is why we have decided to also produce a series specifically about cloud applications hat can help people in their day-to-day personal or business lives. Read more

CS&A Series

The inaugural episode of The Cloud Show answers the question of "What is the Cloud?" and explains the benefits of cloud computing and cloud applications. Read more


Alex Wenchel and Mark Pratt conducting an Interview

Photo by Jules Allen

Are all places that The Cloud Show team are going to interview people with expertise and stories to tell. Read more

Cloud Show Blogs

In the Studio

Itziar Moyano Lopez

See the Cloud Show's first shoot here! Read more

Cloud Show Blogs

The Production team of The Cloud Show has formed and are busy at work with developing the content and story boarding. The Website and Social Media channels are already running. Read more

The Cloud Show team is off to a great start. Interviews are currently being shot for the show, the first studio shoot is scheduled for this weekend, and the first complete drafts are ready to go into editing. Read more

Cloud Show Blogs

  • As seen from the screen

    Mark Pratt

    As seen from the screen

    Script Supervisor Itziar Moyano Lopez, Writer/Producer John Zimmerman, "The Cloud Guy" Mark Pratt, and Writer/Producer Kamala Lane and Director/Producer Alexander Wenchel pose for a reflective shot in an iMac

  • Preparing to record audio

    Itziar Moyano Lopez

    Preparing to record audio

    Mark "The Cloud Guy" and Kamala Lane talk between takes.

  • First test of shot

    Itziar Moyano Lopez

    First test of shot

    Each change requires a shot test to see what it looks like.