The Cloud Show - Cloud Services & Applications Series (CS&A Series)

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Is a spin-off series from The Cloud Show Education (Edu) Series.

The original The Cloud Show's goal is to explain internet and cloud related concepts and show practical examples of how to use the cloud in one's everyday personal or professional lives.  In contrast this series profiles individual companies and their distinct cloud service or application. It lets them explain in their own words what problems or issues they are trying to solve.

Executive Producer and creator Mark Pratt "The Cloud Guy" decided to launch the spin-off after reviewing hours of material shot in the field and realizing that much of the material was very interesting but would never make it into the original The Cloud Show. Because of this show's format interview subjects are only shown for a few seconds in each episode to ensure a fast pace and because their role is to help provide some context or examples.

Mark Pratt said: "In the first episode episode of The Cloud Show we argue that part of what makes the cloud so exciting are the many small businesses and organizations from all over the world who are coming up with really interesting ideas and solutions to world full of complex problems. it's for this reason that it makes sense to go more in-depth by taking a few minutes to look at some of the most interesting cloud services or applications we can find."

The format is also different from the original series in length. A typical The Cloud Show episode is about 10 minutes. With a few special episodes planned to be as long as 30 minutes. For the Cloud Services & Applications series the desired length is 3 to 5 minutes.

One thing Pratt wants to be clear about: "... the Cloud Services & Applications series is not corporate portraiture or advertorial. We are selecting these companies based on merit. If we shoot an interview we do not guarantee that we will run it if the story or idea doesn't seem compelling or well explained enough in post production. Having said that we think our audience will greatly enjoy some of the episodes and be able to meet for the first time new services, applications and the people turning great ideas into reality."

Meet Zendesk, a complete cloud based customer support solution that has no setup fees and just a low monthly cost per agent and enables you to provide service to clients via the internet, phone, and even social media. Read more

CS&A Series

Use VoiceBunny to have a voice actor/actress speak any text in minutes and for just a few dollars. This cloud/crowdsourcing service efficiently helps supply meet demand and expands the use professional voice actors in ways not previously imagined. Read more

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Did you know that you can sign and file contracts in The Cloud? Meet DocuSign a cloud based e-signature solution that can be used from PC's as well as mobile devices like an iPad. Read more

CS&A Series

iDoneThis offers an ingeniously simple way to keep track of what you, and if you want to share with others what you, are getting done. Read more

CS&A Series

What if you only have one or more items to sell and creating an e-commerce store would be too much work? What if the best way to reach your buyers would be in social networks like Twitter or Facebook and not only via a blog or website? Meet Ribbon. Read more

CS&A Series

A social network just for scientists? ResearchGate's mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by enabling scientists to share success, failures, and best practices across disciplines by providing unique tools not found in other social networks. Read more

CS&A Series

Did you know that in addition to operating the number one e-commerce site Amazon runs the largest marketplace for work online? It leverages crowdsourcing; where tasks are distributed in seconds to to a workforce of of over a half a million people. Read more

CS&A Series

Learn about Grubwithus. A cloud service that can help you network, find a job or possibly a significant other over a meal. We speak with Co-Founder Daishin Sugano and Director of Communications Amy Partridge about this service. Read more

CS&A Series

Bundestag Berlin

Still by Alex Wenchel

As part of our work shooting for future episodes of The Cloud Show we shot several Berlin, Germany based startups. In fact we have been shooting so much material lately that we created a spin-off series. Read more

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In the second episode of our spin-off series on Cloud Services & Applications The Cloud Show presents "Gidsy" a Berlin, Germany based start-up that provides a cloud based "marketplace for authentic experiences". Read more

CS&A Series

We shoot way more material than can make it into The Cloud Show. Which is why we have decided to also produce a series specifically about cloud applications hat can help people in their day-to-day personal or business lives. Read more

CS&A Series